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Woodlands Consulting and Therapy Ltd

Company Number: 12001978

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Assessment, Therapy and Consultation

WCT offers a range of assessments and therapies to adolescents and adults, and Marilyn Sher is registered with all the main private healthcare insurers, such as BUPA, AXA PPP, AVIVA and Vitality Health.


People can often experience a range of difficulties that may feel overwhelming and may be impacting on various areas of life.  WCT will undertake a comprehensive assessment whereby current difficulties are explored and considered within the context of one's life experiences, relationships, abilities and cultural background. Using this information a formulation is jointly produced between the client and the therapist, which enhance understanding of how problems may have arisen and what maintains them.


Options for the type of therapy model to be used are then explored based on a clients specific needs. Psychologists are trained to use a range of therapies and will tailor interventions to individual need.  Marilyn Sher uses a range of models, but predominantly draws on cognitive, cognitive behavioural, and cognitive analytic modes of therapy.


Sessions are generally held on a weekly or fortnightly basis, face to face or online using Skype or Zoom.


The following are examples of some of the difficulties that psychological therapy may help:


•   Anxiety

•   Depression

•   Stress

•   Phobias

•   Trauma

•   Relationship difficulties

•   Personality difficulties

•   Abuse - childhood abuse, domestic violence

•   Bereavements and loss

•   Psychosis

•   Addictions


Marilyn also has a background in learning disability and other developmental difficulties. A range of assessments and consultations are available in this area. Examples include assessments of cognitive abilities, daily living skills, memory and functional analysis of challenging behaviours.

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