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Woodlands Consulting and Therapy Ltd

Company Number: 12001978


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WCT offers a psychologically informed model to support teachers and children in optimising their academic and life skills.


Initiatives are based on insights from neuroscience, child psychology, coaching, value-based practice and the latest research in education and child wellbeing. Bearing in mind the context of Department for Education guidelines and standards, we offer a framework for teachers and children/adolescents to build their resilience, confidence, reflective ability and overall psychological wellbeing.


Our approach is strength-based, constructive and collaborative. WCT offers:


  • Initiatives for increasing levels of mental and physical energy and calm focus in staff, children and parents

  • Enhance the degree of resilience and resourcefulness in managing everyday stress

  • Develop the use of personal strengths in learning and teaching

  • Develop more practice-based evidence and integration between theory, research and everyday teaching

  • Encourage flexibility in learning and teaching styles to suit the individual

  • Foster collaborative working between parents and teachers

  • Longer term involvement with the school to plan, implement, monitor and evaluate preferred outcomes

  • Utilise a bespoke and flexible approach to prioritise and suit school and individual needs in terms of ethos, concerns, strengths and affordability

  • Alignment between all parts of the school in terms of values, aspirations and actual experience of learning and teaching



Contact WCT to discuss the specific needs for your school.

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